About Us Fast International Cargo Services

Who We Are

At Royal World Logistics, we strive to provide our customers, who are cargo owners, with a service that is distinguished by communication, quality of service, and dealing with both the cargo and services.

What We Do

With our team of cargo travel experts and their detailed knowledge of complex country entry requirements and government body protocols, we can take the stress out of your relocation. We understand that relocating a family is a major event, and we can provide a variety of services and options to make your cargo’s relocation easier for both you and your cargo.

Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your freight partner

Customer Satisfication

We advise our clients on all of the procedures and requirements to ensure their pets arrive in their destination in the most efficient, stress-free manner possible.


We are available to you from the moment you hire us until your pet reaches its destination.

Best service

Our service is different because we really care about your cargo and treat you like one of the family.


We will resolve any incident that might occur, taking care of your pet at all times and making sure they arrive at their destination safely.
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